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The Original
Bunjee Jumper™Jump Cue

     The Bunjee® Jump Cues, developed by John Collins, creator of the Instroke Cue Case, have earned themselves the reputation of being the best jump cues on the market! Bunjee Jump Cues are used by professional and beginning players alike. The performance of the Bunjee Jump Cue strengthens a player's ability to complete exciting jump shots and win the game.

BCA Guidelines for Pool Cues

    The Billiard Congress of America (BCA) established standards for jump cues. The BCA rule book stipulates these pool cue specifications:

- Players may bring a maximum of 3 cues to a match.
- Width of tip: 9mm minimum / 14mm maximum.
- Weight: no minimum / 25oz maximum.
- Length: 40 inches minimum / No maximum.
- Metal ferrules may not exceed more than one inch in length.

   The cue tip may not be of a material that can scratch or damage the addressed ball. The cue tip on any stick must be composed of a piece of specially processed leather or other fibrous or pliable material that extends the natural line of the shaft end of the cue and contacts the cue ball when the shot is executed.

   The tip on any cue used to perform a legal jump shot must be composed of either a leather or synthetic leather material.

A good deal of research and work has been invested into the Bunjee Jump cue, making it the best possible legal jump cue for a great price. Specialty jump cues have been around for quite some time. Pat Fleming, the founder of Accu-Stats Video Productions, is generally credited with the creation of the specialty jump cue. Over the years, many varieties of cueing instruments have been invented to enhance the jump shot. Some of these inventions had little in common with traditional pool cue design and led to concerns about maintaining the heritage of the game. Although the Bunjee Jumper has fantastic jump-ability, it is not a magic wand. A fair amount of practice is required to become familiar with its characteristics and the techniques needed to use it effectively.

    Eventually, the Billiard Congress of America (BCA) established standards for jump cues. Since 1998, the BCA rule book specifies that a jump cue must be at least 40 inches in length, be no thicker than 14mm at the tip, and have a tip made of leather or synthetic leather. To maximize performance, your Bunjee jump cue weighs only 8-1/2 ounces (about 240 grams). The Bunjee jump cue meets all of these requirements, and has excellent "jump-ability." With a Bunjee jump cue, it is possible to jump balls with control similar to a normal cue. Through a finely tuned combination of shaft stiffness, light weight, balance, and a hard tip, the Bunjee Jump cue allows players to concentrate on making their shot rather than just trying to clear the blocking ball and hoping for the best.

Learn about making jump shots with Tom Simpson

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Bunjee® Jump Cues are available in Exotic and Standard models.Bunjee Jumper jump cue - Ebony Points

The Exotic Models include theBunjee Jumper jump cue - Butterfly Points Rengas Points, Butterfly Points, Maple Veneer PointsBunjee Jumper jump cue - Rengas Points, and Ebony Points. These Bunjee® jump cue models have an MSRPBunjee Jumper jump cue - Maple Veneer Points of $100.00 and are made from Birdseye Maple and either Rengas or Ebony woods.

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Bunjee Jumper Jump Cue - Rengas

 The Standard Models include Bunjee Jumper jump cue - Ebonythe Rosewood with Irish Linen Wrap, Rosewood, EbonBunjee Jumper Jump Cue - Rosewoody, and Rengas. These Bunjee® jump cueBunjee Jumper jump cue - Rosewood w/wraps have an MSRP of $80.00 and are manufactured from Birdseye Maple, and either Rosewood, Rengas or Ebony woods.

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 Bunjee Jump Cue Specifications:
Length: 40-1/2"
Weight: 6.5oz - 9.0oz
Tip: Phenolic Composite
Tip Diameter: CA. 13.5mm
Joint: Quick Release

The Bunjee® jump cue has become standard equipment for many competing pool players, from beginners to professionals.


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